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Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Utilities  -  June 28, 2023

Con Edison to Activate Large Battery System in NYC

Con Edison will activate the largest battery system in New York City, bringing more reliable power to Staten Island for the summer’s heat season, according to the company’s president. The system is located in the Fox Hills area, and can generate 7.5 megawatts, equating to four hours of electricity.

This will support the system when power demand is high, which occurs during the summer’s late hours.

The system, which is rated at 7 megawatts/30-megawatt hours, will contain enough electricity to charge 1.5 million cell phones. It also features 11 Tesla Megapacks. Each megapack is a container with 19 battery modules, each with its own inverter.

“We are deploying batteries to help maintain the industry-leading reliable electric service that our region needs, and our customers deserve,” said Matthew Ketschke, Con Edison’s President, in a statement. “The advent of large-scale energy storage technology also greatly increases our opportunities to integrate clean, renewable power into the mix and transition to a low-carbon future.”

The battery storage accompanies renewable power from wind turbines and solar panels. Batteries store power generated from renewable sources, which are not immediately needed. When the demand for power exceeds intermittent renewable production, the batteries discharge the power.

This battery technology will help New York City and State advance its environmental goals and combat climate change. The state established the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which set the goal of 70% of the state’s power sourced from renewables by 2030. The state increasingly understands the importance of energy storage to address intermittent renewable generation.

The company already has a battery system in Queens, which contains two megawatts and discharges 10-megawatt hours of power. It has been in operation since 2019.

Additionally, Con Edison is planning a microgrid in New Rochelle that will feature a 4-megawatt/12-megawatt hour storage system. The installation will provide fast chargers outside the substation for electric vehicles.

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