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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 7, 2023

EQ Office Increase Use of Green Power to 58%

EQ Office increased efforts to reduce carbon emissions by calculating and reporting the real estate company’s GHG emissions footprint results and procuring green power in line with 58% of EQ’s buildings, which cover more than 9 million square feet.

The company is Blackstone’s U.S. office portfolio company with expertise in acquisitions, asset management, leasing, redevelopment and property operations and also implemented and maintained composting programs at 53% of properties across the portfolio.

EQ Office published these details and more in its 2022 Sustainability and Social Impact Report.

"Over the next year, under the leadership of Samantha Sims, Senior Vice President of Sustainability and Social Impact, we will continue to strengthen our SSI strategy and drive value for our key stakeholders,” said CEO Alex Vouvalides in a statement. “Impact initiatives in 2022 were designed to support our customers’ efforts to foster safe and inclusive work environments, offer community building activities, help reduce environmental footprints and generate economic efficiencies, all of which will create more desirable buildings and long-term demand for our spaces.”

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