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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  December 11, 2023

Amazon Increases European Rail and Sea Transportation by 50%

Amazon has partnered with European carriers to move products via more than 100 rail lanes and 300 sea routes to increase the number of customer deliveries and inventory transfers, which also lowers carbon emissions by almost 50%.

Due to Europe's geographic landscape, rail and sea routes are often more efficient and an even faster mode of transport for moving goods. Amazon recently expanded the use of short sea routes and rail to transport packages and inventory across the region, according to a statement. 

Amazon's European rail and sea carrier partners include Cargo Beamer, VIIa, the Mercitalia Group, Grimaldi, Stena Line, and DFDS. By moving products by sea or rail instead of trucks, Amazon significantly reduces its carbon footprint.

Amazon plans routes in such a way that trailers filled with goods travel the majority of the distance by rail or sea, thereby reducing driving times and enabling the use of local road transport partners.

The statement notes 2023 will show that, like 2022, Amazon transferred thousands of truckloads by sea and rail in Europe, saving thousands of tons of CO₂ emissions.


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