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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  February 1, 2024

Wolfson Hospital Switches to Electric Heat

Wolfson Hospital, a public medical center located near Tel Aviv in Holon, Israel, signed a definitive agreement for a seven-year $3.55 million project to receive electric process heat.

The agreement was signed with Brenmiller Energy Ltd., a thermal energy storage company.

The Israeli Ministry of Finance approved a budget of up to NIS 13 million (approximately US$3.55 million) for Wolfson Hospital to procure a bGen™ ZERO system from Brenmiller. A grant of up to $450,000 from the Israel Innovation Authority will cover part of the budget.

bGen ZERO will replace Wolfson Hospital’s old diesel boilers that are both costly and emit pollution.

The electric heat provided via Brenmiller’s bGen™ ZERO TES system has the potential to save Wolfson Hospital up to US$1.3 million annually and reduce the hospital’s local carbon footprint by 3,900 tons per year, according to the Israeli Ministry of Finance’s estimates.

"The project is expected to drive reduction in our fuel oil consumption to nearly zero,” said Gadi Davidovitz, Chief Engineer at Wolfson Hospital, in a statement. “It will significantly reduce emissions generated by the hospital while saving on energy costs."

bGen™, Brenmiller’s TES system, converts electricity into heat to power sustainable industrial processes at a price that is competitive with natural gas. The bGen™ charges by capturing low-cost electricity from renewables or the grid and stores it in crushed rocks. It then discharges steam, hot water, or hot air on demand according to customer requirements. 

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