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Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions, Wind  -  March 23, 2024

Weekend Reads: Good News for Wind; A New Stretch EV Goal

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web:

How much are wind turbines dragging down home values? A new study has surprising answers (CNN)  As wind energy expands in the United States, concerns have grown about the potential for tall turbines to be a drag on property values. But a new nationwide study that analyzed data from 300 million home sales and 60,000 wind turbines finds turbines’ impact on home values is much lower than previously thought – about a 1% drop on average for a home with at least one wind turbine within six miles. The study’s authors find the most impact on home prices happens if a home is less than five miles from a turbine; the further a home is from a turbine, the less of a value hit it takes.

Air quality is bad pretty much everywhere, new world pollution report finds (TIME)  According to the 2023 World Air Quality Report published on Tuesday by IQAir, a Swiss firm that monitors real-time air quality around the world and has published an annual assessment since 2018, only 10 countries or territories last year had air quality that met the World Health Organization’s standard for clean air.

WEBINAR: Better Bill Data: Using technology to streamline utility bill management (EnergyCAP)  Get ready for a dynamic discussion about navigating the complexities of utility bill data! Tune in as an expert panel of energy and utility professionals delve into the power of technology for better bill management, energy cost savings, and more sustainable operations. 

How AI generates both climate pollution and solutions (Newsweek)  With billions of users flooding AI services, some energy and tech researchers say the energy demand from AI computing is quickly becoming a major sustainability challenge for the tech industry and the communities that host its vital infrastructure.

What to know about Biden's "stretch goal" on auto emissions (Axios)  One statistic is all it takes to understand the far-reaching effects of the Biden administration's new emissions targets for cars and light trucks.

Could a new renewable energy app help inspire future climate crusaders? (NREL)  On Feb. 1, 2024, NREL, WPTO, and IKM 3D released the long-anticipated REDi Island app, an educational virtual world powered entirely by renewable energy. REDi Island is designed for students from high school and beyond (and eventually from kindergarten on up), educators, or anyone curious about how we can build a more sustainable world powered by clean energy. 

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