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Comcast data centers set for massive energy use cuts

...vironmental Defense Fund's Climate Corps program, Comcast Corp. is now equipped with a plan to ...n the work of the 2013 and 2014 fellows hosted by Comcast that had already been put to use, in 2015,...rives  and lighting retrofit projects across Comcast's Northeast Division, according to a Read More...

Comcast adds solar array, EV charging

...ity for Comcast’s Northeast Division.  ... health and safety and head of sustainability for Comcast’s Northeast Division.  ...ity for Comcast’s Northeast Division.   Read More...

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Comcast adds carport to call center

... across the area with more planned for 2019. ...ovation, and talent are at the core of everything Comcast does, and generating clean energy on-site ...said Tracy Pitcher, senior vice president of Comcast's Greater Boston Region, in a statement.Co Read More...

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Comcast installs rooftop solar at D.C. facility

...icles to lower emissions and increase gas mileage....rted its lighting to LED along with 30 additional Comcast sites in the area. Comcast estimates that with 30 additional Comcast sites in the area. Comcast estimates that these upgrades at the Michi Read More...

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Comcast Signs Solar Agreement as part of its retail electric supply contract....e Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Comcast in a statement. “This marks the sustainable, responsible business.” Comcast is committed to being carbon neutral by 20 Read More...

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Comcast Cable to Double Network Energy Efficiency goes for the network itself.” hardware, less space, and less energy per byte.Comcast has set a goal to be carbon neutral by 203...ity accounting for the majority of its emissions, Comcast is investing in clean, renewable energy to Read More...

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Comcast Issues $1 Billion Green Bond to Fund Clean Energy Projects

...ED Platinum Comcast Technology Center.  ...five investment areas, all of which contribute to Comcast's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, ...products, production technologies, and processes. Comcast’s Green Financing Framework provides Read More...

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Comcast to Source RE for New England Operations

...ontrols, across its global operations.  ...enewable solar electricity for nearly half of its Comcast Cable and NBCUniversal operations across N...e project will provide carbon-free electricity to Comcast’s Western New England Region headqua Read More...

Comcast's Green Bond Allocated for Buildings, EVs, which will help lower carbon emissions. ...dent of Corporate Environmental Sustainability at Comcast, in a statement.The proceeds from Comcast&...lity at Comcast, in a statement.The proceeds from Comcast’s green bond were allocated to sever Read More...

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