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Energy Storage, Commercial, Distributed Generation, Solar  -  September 29, 2016

NYC targets 1 GW solar, 100 MWh storage

With New York City's solar capacity already quadrupled in recent years, Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a new goal of surpassing 1,000 MW by 2030. 

Making the announcement during Climate Week NYC, the mayor's office also laid out the city's first even energy storage deployment target, a move the city says will ensure its solar energy will be consistently available. By 2020, New York City hopes to have more than 100 MWh of storage deployed, according to a Sept. 23 news release. 

The storage target is being reported as not only New York City's first, but the first by any U.S. city; what's more, just two states — California and Massachusetts — have set energy storage deployment goals, according to a recent Greentech Media report.

"This target will help reduce reliance on the grid by making variable sources of energy production, such as solar panels, usable for more of the day," the city said. "Energy storage also helps increase the city's resiliency by providing backup energy when the grid is offline." 

According to the news release, the NYC Department of Buildings is expected to issue permits for more than 3,000 solar panel installations in 2016 that will bring the citywide total to more than 8,000 installations. That figure is an increase from the 1,819 solar panel installations at the beginning of Mayor de Blasio's administration in January 2014, the city said. 

That progress means the city is on track to hit its previously announced goal of installing 100 MW of solar power on public buildings and 250 MW on private buildings by 2025, part of the city's broader commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050, which includes mandatory energy use reporting for large buildings

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