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Microgrids  -  December 2, 2020

The Value of Microgrids: Challenges and Opportunities

Today's energy landscape is riddled with challenges – which are unfortunately fitting with the many difficulties 2020 has delivered. The rising frequency and severity of extreme weather events in recent years have underscored the need for improved energy resiliency for our power grid, for our businesses, and for our communities. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 outbreak is reminding us how globally interdependent society is, revealing just how vulnerable we are to disruptions that impact the production and distribution of goods and services. As this white paper from Bloom Energy notes, power outages have a huge impact on businesses, leading to tangible expenses and ongoing business disruption.

Implementing localized microgrids to supply reliable and resilient electricity is now a strategic imperative for businesses and communities alike.  Download this white paper to explore case studies of Bloom Energy projects in California and Connecticut and to learn why reliability pays back.

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