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Commercial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  June 2, 2021

Facebook's U.S. Renewable Energy Impact Study

In 2011, Facebook was one of the first companies to commit to supporting its facilities with 100% renewable energy. Today, the company’s U.S. data center fleet is supported by 100% renewable energy, and Facebook is on track to maintain this commitment for future data center developments and expansions. Facebook’s ability to achieve this commitment is in large part due to its pioneering approach to renewable energy procurement, which to date has resulted in 55 new solar and wind projects adding 5,763 megawatts (MW) of clean electricity to the U.S. grid.

Facebook’s renewable energy commitment is a key component of the company’s broader sustainability initiatives, including its sustainable data center design and net zero carbon emissions goal. To better understand the economic impact of Facebook’s renewable energy efforts in the United States, the company contracted RTI International, an independent nonprofit research institute, to conduct an economic analysis of Facebook’s U.S. portfolio of 5,763 MW of solar and wind projects that support the company’s 13 U.S. data centers. This report presents findings from that analysis, along with specific insights from 30 energy experts.

Download the report to explore Facebook's U.S. renewable energy portfolio:



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