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Commercial, Energy Efficiency  -  June 17, 2021

Denver Strategizes Electrification of Homes and Businesses

The Denver Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency released June 15 a plan to lower the energy use of the city’s homes and businesses through the use of efficient heating and cooling technology.

The Renewable Heating and Cooling plan outlines how Denver residents can electrify their homes and businesses to heat and cool these businesses more efficiently with clean energy. It is estimated that 20% of Denver’s emissions come from the heating of homes and businesses, which would be significantly cut with electrification and the adoption of clean energy.

Upgrading these systems would also improve public health and reduce indoor air pollution.

“The new Renewable Heating and Cooling Plan offers Denverites the opportunity to heat and cool their homes and businesses without contributing to harmful indoor air pollution,” Alejandra Mejia Cunningham, NRDC’s building decarbonization advocate, said in a statement. “We’ve already got the technology and the trained local workforce—and now, we’ve got a plan to bring these healthy, climate-friendly appliances to households and businesses that are ready to make the switch.”

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