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Solar  -  March 31, 2022

Comcast Signs Solar Agreement

Comcast announced an agreement to purchase 250 MW of solar electricity that will power approximately 12% of its U.S. operations and the majority of its Mid-Atlantic operations with renewable energy.

 The agreement, signed with Constellation, will support construction of the Blue Sky Solar Project, currently being developed by Scout Clean Energy in Illinois, bringing additional clean electricity to the U.S. power grid.

 “Sourcing clean, renewable energy is the top priority for meeting our goal to be carbon neutral by 2035,” said Peter Kiriacoulacos, Executive Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer at Comcast in a statement. “This marks the first of many major green investments that are already underway or on the immediate horizon which demonstrate our commitment to sustainable, responsible business.”

 Comcast is committed to being carbon neutral by 2035 for Scope 1 and 2 emissions across its global operations. With purchased electricity accounting for the majority of these emissions, sourcing renewable energy is critical to meeting this goal.

 Comcast’s renewable energy strategy will prioritize securing green tariffs, direct PPAs and virtual PPAs through contracts that bring new renewable capacity to the grid. It will also include building onsite renewable energy capacity and supplementing electricity needs with purchases from existing clean energy projects or renewable energy certificates (RECs).

 The company will source 250 MW of carbon-free solar electricity from the 300 MW Blue Sky project, a majority share of the project’s total output. Blue Sky is one of the largest solar projects approved to date in the PJM power grid, which spans the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region and portions of the Midwest, and Comcast is currently the sole customer.

 The agreement will allow Comcast to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions associated with its energy use by nearly 360,000 metric tons annually.

Blue Sky is expected to reach commercial operation by December 2024. Comcast has signed a corresponding 15-year agreement with Constellation beginning in 2025 to receive energy and RECs from Blue Sky as part of its retail electric supply contract.

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