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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial  -  September 1, 2023

Panasonic Sets 2030 Goals

Panasonic Group will reduce its CO2 emissions from Scopes 1 and 2 to zero by 2030, which includes the company's approximately 250 production sites and factories, as well as its office locations and the energy used for those sites. 

"Last year at IFA, we made a commitment to accelerate our support for carbon neutrality and the circular economy in Europe. Our goal is to balance individual well-being with global sustainability, and we have been working hard to bring this vision to life and be your best partner to embrace these values," said Masahiro Shinada, CEO of Panasonic Corporation, in a statement. "To back this up, the company announces, among other things, the massive expansion of heat pump production in Europe, pilot projects aimed at being powered by 100% renewables and being therefore CO2-emission-free."

Last year Panasonic started to demonstrate with its pilot plant in Kusatsu, Japan, that decentralized, stable and CO2-emission-free production is possible by using a power supply system that combines and optimizes pure hydrogen fuel cells, photovoltaic modules and lithium-ion batteries via an energy management system. 

The factory has been producing these fuel cells for over a year with the independently produced electricity from renewable energies of the PV panels or via the fuel cells that draw hydrogen from a local tank.

Over the next two years, Panasonic will invest around €130 million to further develop the core technology in Japan and introduce these pilot plants in Europe, with plans to expand the “RE100” solution to buildings, commercial facilities and other areas of daily life. 

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