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Amid 3-pronged approach to climate change, Dell reports 16% emissions reductions YOY

While highlighting its efforts in renewable energy sourcing, energy efficiency, and making reductions to the energy intensity of its products, Dell Inc. recently reported a 16% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from its facilities and logistics from a year ago. 

On the renewable energy side of the equation, the technology company said in its fiscal year 2020 sustainability report that it purchased 41% of its electricity from renewable energy sources since fiscal year 2015. On energy efficiency, Dell noted achievements within its data centers, having just installed new server models in 2016 that offer increased computing power within the same energy footprint as its previous servers. 

"[W]e continue to explore every opportunity to make incremental improvements in cooling efficiencies and voltage regulators, as we have with previous product updates," the company said in the report

Dell has reduced energy intensity of its products by 43% since 2012, according to the report. Despite that achievement, Dell noted that its energy intensity reduction level is slightly off track its 2020 goal of 80% from its 2012 baseline.

"This measurement is based on the expected lifetime energy consumption of the Dell products we sold during this reporting period and the expected capability we are delivering in those product. While we continue to make steady progress toward our goal, our current trajectory suggests we are slightly off track in the client-computing category (we are on track or ahead of schedule in other product categories)," the company said in its report. "The many variables that affect this
goal make it difficult to predict our final outcome at this time." 

The company also touted its partnership with the U.S. EPA's Energy Star program: 

Customers continue to point to energy efficiency as a top purchasing criteria, for reasons including government regulation, environmental concerns, and the cost and space required to power their ever increasing IT needs. We certify hundreds of Dell products to leading eco-labels such as ENERGY STAR® to help our customers make smart selections, and continually work with stakeholders and governments to advance efficiency standards worldwide.

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