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Commercial, Distributed Generation, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  May 24, 2019

Shell Group launches Ohio EV charging station project

A "new energy" subsidiary of the Shell Group announced an initiative to install public DC fast charging stations in Ohio at a local taxi depot facility and along heavily trafficked areas.

Greenlots, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell New Energies, will be installing the electric vehicle charging stations in collaboration with the company Columbus Yellow Cab. The taxi company currently charges its EV fleet with Level 2 charging infrastructure, which limits the number of miles each vehicle can drive each day due to long charging times.

The new system deployed at Yellow Cab depot locations will allow for lower charging times, the ability to monitor the fleet in real time and increase the number of clean vehicles on the road. 

"Our fleet drives over ten million miles per year in the Columbus area, and because of this we feel that it is our company's responsibility to help the community take serious steps towards electrified transportation," Morgan Kauffman, CEO and owner of Columbus Yellow Cab, said in a statement. "With this project, we're showing local residents that EVs are a viable substitution for traditional internal combustion vehicles and challenging them to rethink their transportation decisions. If we can go electric, so can many other daily drivers across Ohio."

The high-powered EV charging stations at Yellow Cab's depot facility and additional publicly accessible in-route locations throughout Columbus and central Ohio will better provide a fast, easily-accessible charging infrastructure for Ohio drivers to promote local EV adoption.

The project was made possible through a U.S. Department of Transportation-function smart cities initiative for the region, as well as a local incentive program to build 300 Level 2 and 75 Level 3 (DCFC) public EV charging stations in the region.

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