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Commercial, Industrial, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 9, 2019

SED goes Beyond the Meter with new podcast

Continuing its mission to serve the unique information needs of large electric power users, Smart Energy Decisions enters the podcast world with Beyond the Meter.

The podcast is designed to elevate the conversation on critical issues impacting the adoption of renewable energy sourcing by large electric power users including commercial, industrial, higher education, and municipal organizations. Beyond the Meter, made possible with support from  REC Solar and Duke Energy Renewables, premieres today with a special preview and the first three episodes of the season, which can be found here and on all major podcast platforms

“Extending our media platform to podcasts is a natural next step to serve our community. Everything we do at Smart Energy Decisions is intended to help navigate the energy transition, said series host John Failla, founder and editorial director. “Each episode of Beyond the Meter will deliver on that promise as we talk to industry experts and leaders who are living and driving the change every day.” 

Beyond the Meter episodes now available include:

Season Preview: Introducing Beyond the Meter, A Podcast Highlighting the Transition to Renewable Energy
Join us for “Beyond The Meter” - a series of conversations highlighting what’s happening in the field of renewable energy. We’ll discuss how companies and municipalities are beginning to transition, how innovation and technology are making it possible, and what YOU can do to join the movement. 

Episode 1: The Renewable Energy Outlook for 2019 and Beyond
The current state of the renewable energy industry, challenges being addressed and perspectives what can be done to make renewable energy more available and useful in the future are explored in a conversation with Chris Fallon, Vice President of Duke Energy Renewables and Kyle Harrison of Bloomberg NEF. 

Episode 2: Corporate Deployment of EV Charging Infrastructure
Guests Rob Threlkeld, global manager of sustainable energy, supply, and reliability at General Motors, and Craig Noxon, vice president of enterprise sales at REC Solar, a Duke Energy Renewables company, dive behind the scenes to explore how EV charging infrastructure is being deployed across the nation and how the electrification of transportation will impact large power users.

Episode 3: Renewable Energy Sourcing in Higher Education
Institutions of higher education are both massive consumers of energy and are in the business of learning and teaching, a combination that makes them ideal laboratories for innovation and advancement in the field. In this episode, Wolfgang Bauer, associate vice president for administration at Michigan State University, and Scott Therien, project development manager at REC Solar, discuss renewable energy sourcing and adoption by higher education.

Three additional episodes, available on October 7, will feature corporate leaders such as Craig D’Arcy from The Home Depot, continuing the in-depth conversations on trending topics, such as risk management, the evolution of utilities, and evolving finance and procurement models for clean energy.

Click here to listen to Beyond the Meter episodes and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or other preferred podcast platforms.

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