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GHG Emissions, Finance  -  May 12, 2021

Amazon Issues $1B Sustainability Bond

Amazon has issued a $1B Sustainability Bond, whose proceeds will fund sustainability and social projects.

Three of the five areas this bond will support are renewable energy, clean transportation, and sustainable buildings. With the bond, investors can support social and environmental projects across the globe.

 Along with the sustainability bond, Amazon has also announced the creation of a new Sustainable Bond Framework, which gives detail on how the bond’s funds will be used. This framework is aligned with the Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles, and Sustainability Bond Guidelines.

 This initiative will help Amazon move towards its current climate commitments:

  • Net Zero Carbon by 2040
  • 100,000 Electric Delivery Vehicles
  • 100% renewable energy in operations by 2030
  • 50% of all shipments with net-zero carbon by 2030.
  • Right Now Climate Fund: land management practices that store carbon and lower GHG emissions
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