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Energy Efficiency, Sourcing Renewables  -  September 13, 2021

Go Beyond the Meter with Season 3 Podcast Premiere

Smart Energy Decisions announces the premiere of Season 3 of the Beyond the Meter podcast series. Continuing its mission to explore the evolution of energy management and renewable energy sourcing strategy by large electric power users in key industry sectors.  This season, Beyond the Meter takes a close look at the meaningful impact renewable energy projects can have on the world around you, with industry guests discussing how their cleaner energy transition is driving positive change both within their organization and in the larger community.

Beyond the Meter is created in partnership with Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions.

As the industry evolves, these conversations are bringing into focus the issues that most affect energy executives today by offering insights from top industry players,” said John Failla, Founder and Editorial Director of Smart Energy Decisions. “It’s a privilege for us to work in partnership with Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions to bring these conversations to our community.”

Season 3 begins with Episode 14: The Power of Resiliency with guests Ann Kloose, City of Fresno Manager of Sustainability; Whit Remer, City of Tampa Sustainability and Resilience Officer; and Michael Kilpatrick, Duke Energy Sustainable Solutions. Municipalities across the U.S. experience any number of challenges when building infrastructure projects and energy solutions, but one of the biggest is building with future needs in mind. The issues of resilience and sustainability are front and center in this undertaking, and the guests on this episode are on the front lines of the fight. 

Upcoming episodes of Beyond the Meter will feature in-depth conversations on Fleet Electrification, Community Solar, and Diverse Suppliers in Clean Energy. “You won’t want to miss this fantastic season helping you go Beyond the Meter," said Failla.


 Listen to Beyond the Meter Episode 14

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