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Distributed Energy Resources, GHG Emissions, Industrial, Solar, Wind  -  September 19, 2023

BMW, Ford and Honda Create EV Grid Co

BMW Group, Ford Motor Company and American Honda Motor Co., Inc. announced they have entered into an agreement to create ChargeScape, LLC, a new equally-owned company offering an EV charging platform.

ChargeScape will create a single, cost-effective platform connecting electric utilities, automakers and electric vehicle customers. The company is expected to be operational early next year and will eliminate the need for individual integrations between each automotive brand and electric utility. 

ChargeScape's platform will give electric utilities access to EV battery energy across a wide pool of EVs. Additionally, drivers will be able to earn financial benefits by charging at "grid-friendly" times through flexible and managed schedules. 

The platform will enable the smart use of plugged-in EV batteries by securely providing energy data to electric utilities and system operators like aggregated demand response; alignment of charging and EV battery utilization with off-peak, low-cost hours; and the availability of high renewable energy. 

The company will help decarbonize the grid by utilizing electricity that comes from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar.

“Electric grid reliability and sustainability are the foundation for an EV powered future," said Thomas Ruemenapp, Vice President of Engineering at BMW of North America, LLC, in a statement. “ChargeScape aims to accelerate the expansion of smart charging and vehicle-to-everything solutions all over the country, while increasing customer benefits, supporting the stability of the grid and helping to maximize renewable energy usage. We're proud to be a founding member of ChargeScape and are looking forward to the opportunities this collaboration will create."

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