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GHG Emissions  -  June 30, 2023

BorgWarner Speeds Up Mobility Electrification

BorgWarner, an automotive supplier, announced progress toward its net zero goal, with 23% of its electricity use coming from renewable sources, a significant increase from 3.5% in 2021. The company aims to support the low-carbon transition, expecting to generate approximately 35% of sales from eProducts in 2025 and 49% in 2027.

GHG Emissions  -  June 29, 2023

Applied Materials Reduces the Semiconductor Industry's Carbon Footprint

Applied Materials, a company specializing in materials engineering solutions, achieved significant carbon reductions through the use of 100% renewable electricity in the U.S. and 69% globally, which resulted in a 3% reduction from its 2019 baseline in the company’s Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Commercial  -  June 28, 2023

Twelve to Begin Commercial-Scale Production of E-Jet Fuel

Chemical company Twelve will scale the production of E-Jet fuel, a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) made from CO2 and renewable energy, with a commercial-scale production facility in Moses Lake, Washington.

Sourcing Renewables  -  June 28, 2023

Port of Oakland to Use Geothermal Energy

The Port of Oakland's Board of Port Commissioners in California agreed to purchase up to $13.5 million worth of geothermal energy over 12 years.

Sourcing Renewables  -  June 27, 2023

Alcoa Boosts RE to 86% for Product Portfolio

Alcoa Corporation, a producer of aluminum, reported its progress on climate goals, including making a 4.6% annual decrease in carbon dioxide emissions. It also boosted to 86% the electricity coming from renewable sources for its global smelting portfolio.

GHG Emissions  -  June 27, 2023

Baxter Adds Three Solar Arrays, Improves Emissions

Baxter International Inc. completed the addition to the completion of three new on-site solar installations that are expected to reduce GHG emissions by 1,400 metric tons CO2 e annually.

June 26, 2023

DEI Impact Nominations Accepted Through June 30

Smart Energy Decisions’ DEI Impact Awards nominations are being accepted through June 30. The awards will recognize and celebrate organizations that promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) while powering the energy transition by acknowledging company-wide efforts by large power users (commercial, industrial, institutional, and government) to advance DEI, specifically focusing on the impact and amplification of energy and sustainability programs.

Sourcing Renewables  -  June 23, 2023

Bank of America Joins SAF Program

Bank of America joined the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) program operated by American Express Global Business Travel (Amex GBT), a B2B travel platform, and Shell Aviation.

GHG Emissions  -  June 23, 2023 - By Better Buildings

Better Climate Challenge Road Show

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Better Climate Challenge is here! Hop in the EV and hit the open road with the DOE team. For Season One, energy experts visited Nashville, TN to see how partners Nissan, Chemours, and Whirlpool are working to reduce their emissions by 50% within 10 years. Watch the full series and be sure to scroll through the photo gallery for a peek behind the scenes!

GHG Emissions  -  June 23, 2023

Ralph Lauren Contributes to a Circular Economy

Ralph Lauren Corporation emphasized its commitment to environmentally responsible product development, including its support of the circular economy through its aspirations to become C2C Certified® by 2025 and the expansion of a sustainable product portfolio.

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