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Infographic: Heineken Drops the C

Type: Presentation
Categories: Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions, Industrial
Date Published: 2/16/2018
Author: By Heineken
Source: Heineken
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

Heineken announced on Feb. 12 its "Drop the C" program, aimed at increasing its share of renewable energy from the current level of 14% to 70% by 2030. The company also reported reaching its 2020 emission targets in production in 2017, decreasing carbon emissions at their breweries by 41% since 2008.

The company has already identified numerous project worldwide to help achieve their goals, with more targets to be announced in the coming years.

View this infographic to gain insights into Heineken's "journey towards renewable energy":

View infographic

 About the inforgraphic: Heineken created and released this inforgraphic as part of their announcement of the "Drop the C" program on Feb. 12, 2018. For more information on the company's plans, click here. 

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