Outdoor Lighting Decision Tree Tool - Smart Energy Decisions

Outdoor Lighting Decision Tree Tool

Type: Presentation
Categories: Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Industrial
Date Published: 7/10/2019
Source: Better Buildings
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

High-performance outdoor lighting technologies are proving to be a cost-effective energy savings measure, often offering 50 percent or more savings relative to previously installed systems while lasting longer and offering tremendous maintenance and operational benefits. Better Buildings presents the Outdoor Lighting Decision Tree tool to share successful approaches taken by cities, states, and regional groups.

The Outdoor Lighting Decision Tree Tool provides an interactive and visual representation of possible approaches and decisions that will typically be encountered in upgrading/replacing a public outdoor lighting system. The tool features successful cases and models deployed by other cities and states, to help your organization find potential solutions to overcoming common barriers in the market today.

Access the interactive tool to explore lighting options to decrease spending and increase efficiency.




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