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BOSS (Black Owners of Solar Services) Policy Brief

Type: White Paper
Categories: Solar, Sourcing Renewables
Date Published: 8/11/2021
Source: BOSS (Black Owners of Solar Services)
Primary Topic: Solar

The mission of BOSS (Black Owners of Solar Services) is to combine and leverage the collective power of its members - entrepreneurs, financiers, veterans, attorneys, engineers, contractors, developers, and other peer partners - to lead actionable solutions for sustained access to equitable opportunities in clean energy production, distribution, and storage for Black-owned businesses.

In this Policy Brief, BOSS shares their federal policy priorities and recommendations and provides an overview of national policy developments and opportunities that will galvanize a more equitable clean energy economy where Black-owned businesses are central to helping America reach its climate resilience goals.

Download this report to understand whey effective, sound federal policy - centered in racial justice - that scales the deployment of solar, energy storage, and energy efficiency will be indispensable to our nation’s clean energy transition.




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