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Roadmap to Sustainability: Does Your Business Have a Plan in Place?

Type: Article
Date Published: 4/6/2022
Source: Constellation

Studies show that over 90% of executives in the United States believe that sustainability is important; however,
only 60% of companies have a sustainability strategy in place. Additionally, over 70% of consumers surveyed on purchasing practices across multiple industries indicated they would pay more for a green product versus a nongreen product if there were no differences in performance standards. These studies indicate it is the right for companies to evaluate their sustainability strategy.

In an effort to make strong sustainability statements, many companies are setting ambitious climate goals. While some businesses may have the resources onsite to plan for and integrate sustainable practices into their business strategies, others may need assistance from energy experts, such as Constellation, who can provide insights to energy customers about the emerging trends in sustainability and help them develop and implement an integrated strategy to meet their business’ short- or long-term goals.

Download this article from Constellation to view a sample roadmap to sustainability.


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