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Walmart, Meijer & more reserve Tesla electric Semis

...anged for decades.Additionally, regional retailer Meijer Inc., which operates 220 trucks in six Midw...ctric drivetrains are a proven technology,” Meijer fleet manager Dan Scherer told Bloomberg. "...ess dependent on the spot pricing of fossil fuel." Read More...

Meijer plans EV charging installations across Midwestern superstores play a role in enabling that transition.”...800 fast charging locations starting this summer. Meijer has previously offered EV charging at some ...d and operated on an ongoing basis by EVgo.“Meijer is excited to partner with EVgo to bring EV Read More...

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Meijer Commits to Carbon Emission Reduction Goal By 2025

...ation next year. ...e carbon emissions by 50%  by 2025. "At Meijer, we believe in taking responsibility for th...ility for the well-being of the world around us," Meijer President and CEO Rick Keyes said in a stat Read More...

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Meijer Adds EV Fast Charging to Midwest Locations

...rastructure across its more than 250 supercenters....ult of a previously announced partnership between Meijer and EVgo.While Meijer has offered EV chargi...nounced partnership between Meijer and EVgo.While Meijer has offered EV charging at select retail lo Read More...

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Meijer Adds EV Charging Network

...ect stores and on its corporate campus since 2010....chargers, that feature up to six stalls at select Meijer locations.EVgo has already deployed 24 char...go has already deployed 24 charging stalls at six Meijer locations across Michigan and Ohio, includi Read More...

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