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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, Industrial, Regulation, Utilities, Sourcing Renewables  -  October 21, 2016

C&I electric customers gain new benefits in Delware

Business customers of Delmarva Power have been allotted new benefits — including additional energy efficiency funding for large commercial and industrial companies — associated with the utility's completed merger with Exelon Corp. under a decision by state regulators. 

Exelon, the giant power and utility company that recently acquired Delmarva Power's parent company, Pepco Holdings, said in an Oct. 18 news release that a new order from the Delaware Public Service Commission provides $27.1 million in benefits to Delmarva Power customers and the public, in addition to the more than $45 million in benefits in the original merger package. 

Included in that additional $27.1 million is $8 million for energy efficiency projects in an expansion of the state's Energy Efficiency Investment Fund program to large industrial and commercial customers in the Delmarva Power territory. Additionally, the order provides for $6 million to the Delaware Economic Development Office to support economic development in a manner that encourages the expansion of natural gas and seeks to entice energy efficiency and renewable companies to expand in Delaware; and a commitment from Exelon to develop 5 MW of commercial renewable energy generation. 

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