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Demand Management, Energy Efficiency, Industrial  -  March 28, 2018

Infographic & Video: Data Driven—Advancing a sustainable future

The amount of data created doubles every two years, with approximately 2% of the U.S.’s electrical energy going to data centers—more energy than most states use. This rapid growth is creating an expanding energy efficiency gap.

"Incremental measures will struggle to keep pace with the steep trajectory of data growth. The industry needs transformative innovations for sustainability to grow alongside the rise of big data," explained Michael E. Garceau, data center business manager at 3M, in a statement.  "We’ve proven that immersion cooling can both enable a data-driven future while helping ensure that future is environmentally sustainable. Our society relies on data and technology, but we also need it to be energy efficient."

A new documentary short, “Data Driven. Advancing A Sustainable Future,” launched by 3M, explores how to close this gap to help create a more sustainable data center.

3M has also created an infographic, "Explore cooling without compromises." Traditional data centers use an average of 40% of their energy just on cooling, along with billions of gallons of water. According to 3M experts, the industry has the power to reduce energy consumption by up to 95 percent in data centers with immersion cooling technology. The infographic illustrates how this change can occur through new innovations in heat transfer and thermal management technology.

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