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Commercial, Industrial, Microgrids  -  November 13, 2019

The Affordable Microgrid: Securing Electric Reliability through Outsourcing

Microgrids are an integral part of any pre-emptive storm hardening or business resiliency planning. Universities, business parks, research institutions, manufacturers and hospitals are but a few examples of enterprises deeply dependent on reliable electricity that are now turning to microgrids to ensure their power stays on during a crisis—without excessive cost or hassle.

This report from Enchanted Rock compares the cost of power outages with the associated economic value of electric reliability. It explains the benefits of affordable microgrid services using natural gas as fuel and details how microgrids can leverage wholesale power markets during normal operations, enhancing their value proposition and strengthening the broader electric grid. These grid services also become increasingly important as the electric grid becomes more dependent on renewable energy to generate power. Real-world examples are provided of how microgrids performed in Texas during Hurricane Harvey, keeping the lights on in stores and service stations for both customers and first responders in an otherwise darkened landscape.

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