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Energy Efficiency  -  January 15, 2020

City of Phoenix to save $3.5M from LED retrofits

The City of Phoenix is estimated to save approximately $3.5 million annually in energy and maintenance costs thanks to a project it will undergo to replace nearly 100,000 municipal street lights with high-performance LEDs.

The new lighting fixtures, which will be installed by Ameresco, Inc., align with the city’s new temperature standard for streets lights (correlated color temperature of 2,700 Kelvin LED) and will reduce electricity use by 53%.

“The City and Ameresco worked in tandem to plan a citywide LED retrofit that could be implemented in a compressed time frame. This is a definite win for Phoenix residents,” Kini Knudson, Phoenix Street Transportation Director, said in a statement. “We all benefit from improved safety through better lighting technology, energy savings, labor savings from the longer life of the LED technology and environmental savings from reduced power use.”

The collaboration with Ameresco also includes the creation of a new GIS map to serve as an operations and maintenance tool for the city going forward.

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