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Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  May 11, 2020

New Hampshire to implement ESPC across state

The State of New Hampshire is implementing an energy savings performance contract that will allow for energy conservation projects at over 20 state facilities and is estimated to save the state over $4 million over the 20-year contract term.

The state completed the agreement with Ameresco, Inc., who will be rolling out energy efficiency measures including lighting system improvements, new energy management systems, demand-controlled ventilation, chiller replacement, new windows, high-efficiency aquarium pumps, infiltration reductions, pipe insulation, new transformers, three solar PV arrays, and automatic temperature controls. The state will incur no up-front costs and will pay for the energy improvements with the energy savings that come as a result.

The facilities receiving these measures include those managed by several state agencies including Fish and Game, Employment Security, Natural and Cultural Resources, Transportation and Administrative Services. These improvements are expected to be completed in March 2021.

“In addition to the cost savings and environmental benefits, we’re pleased that upon completion, this project will improve working conditions for New Hampshire state employees who work in these facilities,” Karen Rantamaki, Director of Plant and Property Management, said in a statement. “It will also improve conditions for New Hampshire residents who visit these facilities, such as the Discovery Center, Seacoast Science Center and the Gregg Conservation Center.”

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