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Energy Storage, Solar  -  October 12, 2021

Coast Guard Training Facility Save $1.2 Million Annually with New Microgrid

The United States Coast Guard will soon be adding its first battery energy storage system to its largest west coast training facility.

Training Center Petaluma will be receiving the battery project through a $43 million Energy Savings Performance Contract between the Coast Guard and Ameresco. Once completed, the project will also be the Department of Homeland Security’s largest solar renewable energy project integrated into the Coast Guard’s renewable energy-powered microgrid.

The microgrid is expected to save the Coast Guard more than $1.2 million in the first year in energy costs.

The project will include a 5 MW solar array and an 11.6 MWh battery energy storage system. The microgrid will give the facility increased energy resiliency in the case of climate-related and regional power outages and reduce its energy consumption by an estimated 8.7 million kWh annually.

Ameresco will also install new power distribution transformers, smart energy control, 8,000 LED light fixtures, new EV charging infrastructure, and HVAC upgrades at the training facility.

Construction on the project should begin in October 2021 and be completed by Fall 2023.

“Addressing the evolving needs of the Coast Guard means that we have to look beyond just using traditional direct appropriations,” Rear Adm. Carola List, assistant commandant for engineering and logistics, said in a statement. “The use of energy performance contracts allows the Coast Guard to address critical infrastructure improvements in a timeframe that would be unachievable with customary methods and provides holistic solutions to complex issues. Leveraging partnerships and finding unique solutions is how the Coast Guard is able to accomplish mission critical improvements with our limited resources.” 

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