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Distributed Energy Resources, Energy Storage, Solar  -  January 26, 2022

Prince Edward Island Energy Adds Solar Project

Prince Edward Island (PEI) Energy Corporation will add a 10 MW solar facility at the Slemon Park Microgrid project.

Ameresco, Inc. will develop the project in collaboration with Prince Edward Island (PEI) Energy Corporation. Federal funding is provided by Natural Resources Canada’s Smart Grid Program, part of the Government of Canada’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Green Infrastructure stream. Construction began in December 2021 with a target date scheduled for fall 2022.

The Slemon Park Microgrid will have direct current-coupled energy storage, with co-located solar and energy storage assets sharing the same interconnection. Implementation of behind-the-meter energy storage solutions, as well as a small deployment of residential energy storage systems means energy will be stored for later use by Slemon Park commercial businesses and residents.

The energy storage components will balance renewable energy generation better and the microgrid will help manage peak load demands within Slemon Park by offsetting approximately 4,500 tons CO2e/year over its useful life.

“The Slemon Park Microgrid project will further our goal of achieving Net Zero energy by 2030 on Prince Edward Island. With the addition of a new, clean renewable energy grid, we’ll be able to better reduce our baseline greenhouse gas emissions and create a more resilient future,” said Steven Myers, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Action in a statement.



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