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Deadline extended for SED Innovation Awards

The deadline for entries for the inaugural Smart Energy Decisions Innovation Awards has been extended and will run through Dec. 22. 

Large electric power users have sharpened their focus on their energy use and carbon footprints in ways never before seen by the sector in recent years. The associated demand for energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy access has driven innovation both on the part of these companies and their suppliers and utilities.

The objective of the Smart Energy Decisions Innovation Awards is to recognize those efforts. As the collaboration between large electric power users, their suppliers and their utilities is essential for success, SED Innovation Awards will be presented in two categories, customer project awards and utility partnership awards. 

Nominations can be made for six awards in the customer project category:

  • Energy efficiency technology (lighting, HVAC, etc.)
  • Energy data management (EMIS, BMIS, etc.)
  • Onsite renewable energy
  • Offsite renewable energy
  • Energy storage & microgrids
  • EV charging infrastructure

Nominations can be made for five awards in the utility partnership category: 

  • Enabling customer onsite renewable energy
  • Enabling customer offsite renewable energy
  • Enabling customer deployment of energy storage & microgrids
  • Green tariff program
  • Energy efficiency incentives

A panel of judges selected by Smart Energy Decisions will be reviewing the nominations to select winners based on the nominated project or program's objectives; execution; innovation; and results. Confirmed judges include: 

  • Karl R. Rábago, executive director of the Pace Energy and Climate Center
  • Ali Ahmed, principal, Green Strategies LLC
  • Peter Kelly Detwiler, principal, NorthBridge Energy Partners 
  • Scott Wood, manager, EDF Climate Corps 

"It's clear that the time is right to fill the void for a recognition program recognizing both innovative customer projects and the utility programs that enable them," Smart Energy Decisions founder and editorial director John Failla said. "We're looking forward to providing well-deserved recognition to the companies and people that are making things happen."

Innovation Award winners will be announced in January and presented at an awards dinner to be held Feb. 27, 2018, at the Smart Energy Decisions Innovation Summit. To learn more or to submit a nomination, visit the Innovation Awards webpage. 

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