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Energy Storage, Distributed Generation, Solar  -  June 22, 2020

Two new solar and battery systems completed in Massachusetts

Two Massachusetts towns are the location for a pair of new community solar projects combined with energy storage that are expected to contribute to the Commonwealth’s energy storage goal of 1,000 MWh by the end of 2025.

The Partridgeville project is a 3.3 MW solar system paired with 4 MWh of energy storage provided by IHI in Athol. The Wilmarth project is a 5 MW solar system with 4.6 MWh of energy storage provided by NEC ES in Plainville. Construction on both of these projects began in mid-2019.

Massachusetts has previously implemented the SMART program, which allows for solar paired with storage to provide power quality support, allow for rapid ramping to reduce the intermittency of solar, allow for energy generation to be shifted to reduce peak demand and reduce strain on the distribution system during times of low load and high solar generation. Both of these projects will meet these requirements.

“As storage continues to play a growing role in the renewable energy industry, we are thrilled to bring online Clearway’s first solar plus storage assets in Massachusetts,” Craig Cornelius, CEO of Clearway Energy Group, said in a statement. “We thank Governor Baker’s administration and the Department of Energy Resources for making solar plus storage a policy priority and the towns of Athol and Plainville for the opportunity to work together to bring these projects to fruition. We’re proud to be a part of the Bay State’s path toward clean, local energy and creating economic opportunity right in the communities where we operate.”

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