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February 21, 2022

Consumers Energy to Expand Michigan EV Charging Network

Michigan EV drivers will soon have access to an additional 200 EV charging stations across the state through a new installation initiative by Consumers Energy.

The utility plans to install the new charging stations, including 100 fast chargers, by the end of 2023. The project will contribute to Consumers Energy’s commitment to powering 1 million electric vehicles in its service area by 2030.

“Michigan was the birthplace of the automobile, and now we're the hub of the automobile's next generation,” Sarah Nielsen, Consumers Energy's executive director for electric vehicle programs, said in a statement. “Consumers Energy is driving Michigan's EV transformation, powering charging stations that make it easy to drive EVs across the state and promoting affordable, convenient charging at home that gets vehicles moving every day.”

Consumers Energy has already installed over 1,500 EV chargers at home, businesses and along roads in the area, including 35 fast chargers. The company is also committed to decarbonizing the electric grid and has called for eliminating coal from its energy supply by 2025.

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