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Commercial, Sourcing Renewables  -  November 19, 2019

Lyft adds new fleet of electric vehicles

Lyft entered into an agreement Nov. 19 that will provide electric vehicles to the ride-share company for use in its short-term rental program, increasing the number of electric vehicles on the platform.

Lyft’s Express Drive program will release the newest additions to its fleet in Denver, Colo., starting in December. The program is a short-term car rental program instituted by Lyft that gives potential drivers access to electric vehicles with the incentive to get more electric cars on the road.

The company’s newest rental agreement is with Electrify America, who will provide Lyft’s drivers with the electric vehicles they need, as well as access to convenient charging locations on its DC fast-charging network. In Denver, this will include charging capabilities at seven Electrify America fast-charging stations, each featuring 20 chargers.

Electrify America has also announced plans to add approximately 19 additional stations and 75 more DC fast chargers by the end of 2021 in Denver.

"Lyft's mission is to improve lives with the world's best transportation, and part of that commitment is taking action to put more clean vehicles on the road," Cal Lankton, Vice President for Fleet and Global Operations at Lyft, said in a statement. "However, we can't have an impact without providing our drivers with fast, convenient access to charging, which is why we are thrilled to be working with Electrify America."

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