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Industrial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables, Wind  -  April 20, 2021

Crown Battery to Source Local Renewable Energy

Crown Battery Company will use renewable energy to make batteries at its Ohio-based manufacturing plant after signing an Integrated Renewable Energy (IRE) agreement from American Electric Power’s subsidiary AEP Energy.

The agreement is a long-term, fixed-price energy program that runs for more than 12 years and supports new, locally sourced wind and solar, starting in January 2023. While the renewable energy resources are being built, Crown Battery will purchase RECs to offset their energy use.

In a statement, Crown Battery president Hal Hawk said, “Sustainable environmental management is the future, and green energy is a win-win for our environment, our community, our company, and our customers. With AEP Energy's help, we've already saved enough electricity to power 13,000 American homes. "Now, we're excited to cut our carbon footprint even more – and harvest the sun and wind to build our batteries.”

"AEP Energy is committed to providing energy solutions that best fit our customers and their needs. Our Integrated Renewable Energy option helps customers meet their sustainability goals, while benefiting their communities," said AEP Energy President Greg Hall. "Crown Battery is supporting new, local renewable resources that will be built in their area, creating economic and environmental benefits for northwest Ohio. We look forward to working with them to deliver dependable, emissions-free electricity that powers their operations and reduces their carbon footprint."


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