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Microgrids, Sourcing Renewables  -  June 15, 2022

Microsoft Invests in California Microgrid

Microsoft will develop California’s largest microgrid that is fully supported by renewable natural gas (RNG) to provide its San Jose, California data center with back-up power to ensure continuous operations.  

With a goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030, Microsoft will work with Enchanted Rock to develop the microgrid. The project will out-perform current California Air Resources Board emissions requirements for distributed generation, the most stringent in the world, with hourly local emissions 80%-96% lower than Tier 4 diesel standards while delivering higher reliability.

Power for the microgrid will be supplied by net-zero carbon RNG, injected upstream into the gas pipeline to offset the use of fossil gas. Enchanted Rock sources RNG captured from facilities that emit methane such as food waste and agricultural operations, making it part of the circular economy with neutral or negative carbon intensity. 

 “This project helps Microsoft take a step towards our goal of eliminating dependence on petroleum-based diesel, while increasing the resilience of our data center and providing a much-needed capacity resource to the local grid,” said Brian Janous, General Manager – DC Energy & Sustainability at Microsoft, in a statement.  

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