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Commercial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  January 17, 2024

DePue, Illinois Adds Solar Farm

A 26.3 megawatt (MW DC) 20 MW AC solar farm in DePue, Illinois was completed.

The solar farm will help advance the state’s goal of reaching 25% renewable energy by 2025.

The DePue solar farm consists of 65,832 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels strategically installed on ballast blocks entirely above ground and is estimated to produce 37,000 megawatt hours of emission-free energy in its first year of operation. 

Ameresco served as the developer, builder, and owner of the solar farm on the brownfield site and began development plans in October 2019.

DePue’s solar farm is projected to offset 25,947 metric tons of CO2 annually. As the solar facility’s owner and operator, Ameresco will provide maintenance and support services for the life of the facility.

“I’m so proud that the Village of DePue is now officially on the path toward achieving our clean energy goals and making a tangible environmental impact for our community and the state,” said Daniel Hoffert, Village President, in a statement. “This project epitomizes our commitment to forging a sustainable future while driving economic prosperity for our residents and the region.”

With the completion of the project, the Village will benefit from a portion of the energy generated for facility usage, resulting in significant annual energy cost savings throughout the lifespan of the installation, in addition to permitting fees collected throughout the site’s development process. 

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