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Solar  -  March 28, 2024

UnitedHealth Group Announces Renewable Energy Investments

UnitedHealth Group launched new renewable energy investments to support emissions reduction targets, including its first virtual power purchase agreement.

Wind  -  March 27, 2024

Walmart Adds Solar in Texas

Walmart Inc. signed a 15-year power purchase agreement for a portion of a new 180-megawatt solar project in Texas.

Solar  -  March 27, 2024

Microsoft Signs for 200 MW of Solar

Microsoft Corp. entered into two 200-megawatt power purchase agreements in Texas.

Solar  -  March 25, 2024

Microsoft Adds Illinois Solar

Microsoft agreed to purchase electricity and renewable energy credits (RECs) from a new project, Hickory Solar Park, a 110 MWac photovoltaic (PV) project located near Jerseyville, Illinois, for 15 years.

Solar  -  March 19, 2024

Matchbook Learning Schools Adds Solar, Energy Upgrades

Matchbook Learning Schools of Indiana received a $5.3 million grant to finance several energy improvements to The Match High School and Career Center buildings, including a new 165KW photovoltaic solar and battery energy storage system.

Solar  -  March 15, 2024

Crown Holdings Signs VPPA in Spain

Crown Holdings, Inc. entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement.

Sourcing Renewables  -  March 15, 2024

Google Sets Aim for $35 Million in Carbon Credits

Google has pledged to match the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Carbon Dioxide Removal Purchase program and plans to contract for at least $35 million worth of carbon removal credits over the next 12 months.

Solar  -  March 11, 2024

Microsoft Adds 408-MW Solar Project in Texas

Microsoft signed a long-term power purchase agreement for the full capacity of the 408 MWac Ash Creek Solar project in Hill County, Texas.

Solar  -  March 7, 2024

Vitesco Technologies Adds Solar

Vitesco Technologies, a provider of modern powertrain technologies and solutions for electromobility, commissioned a solar sustainability project developed at its Seguin, Texas, manufacturing plant.

Sourcing Renewables  -  March 6, 2024

Reaching Sustainability Goals Through Renewable Energy Procurement

The integration of renewable purchasing is a popular, but potentially complicated, step in meeting sustainability goals that can significantly cut your company’s market-based Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This article from Constellation explores several models for organizations to leverage for offsite renewable energy procurement, each with its own structure and benefits.
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