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Commercial, Demand Management  -  June 22, 2017 - By Megan Corsano

IKEA plans new EV-friendly locations

Continuing the rollout of electric vehicle charging stations at its stores, IKEA this week announced new projects at two new stores currently in development.

The two stores will be located in Grand Prairie, Texas, and Fishers, Indiana. Each store is planned to have three EV charging stations, supplied by Blink from Car Charging Group Inc. According to a press release, there are currently 29 U.S. IKEA stores with EV charging stations.

Charging stations at both locations will have access for Blink members to leave their EVs plugged in while shopping. The project is a continuation of the company’s other EV installations in new stores throughout the Midwest.

“Installing EV charging stations at the future IKEA Fishers reinforces our commitment to sustainability,” store manager Holly Davidson said in a statement. “As a retailer, IKEA realizes that a focus on the sustainable transport of people can help empower customers to live sustainably. So, meeting the needs of EV drivers in Indiana helps achieve both goals.”

These efforts reflect a trend in IKEA’s energy strategy in recent years. A sustainability report from 2016 included a summary of their energy efficiency efforts, including smart building management systems, LED lighting and biowaste energy sourcing.

The brand has advertised its goal to be energy independent by 2020, has installed more than 700,000 solar panels and owns almost 350 wind turbines worldwide.

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