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Commercial, Energy Efficiency, GHG Emissions  -  January 3, 2022

Deutsche Post Offsets CO2 Emissions From Mail

DHL’s Deutsche Post is now offsetting all CO2 emissions generated by its mail transport operations, achieving a more sustainable mail service at no extra cost to customers. 

The company, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, had transported all parcels for private customers with its climate-friendly "GoGreen" service during the past 10 years, but the GoGreen option was subject to a charge and only available to business customers with a shipping volume of at least 50,000 items per year.

This latest measure to now automatically offset CO2 emissions for the transport of all letter mail items is part of Deutsche Post DHL Group's ambitious sustainability program aimed at achieving zero emission logistics by the year 2050. 

Deutsche Post DHL delivers mail and parcels carbon-free in more than 50% of its delivery districts. In addition, the Group's Post & Parcel Germany division continues to expand its fleet of electric vehicles, invest in the construction of carbon-neutral operations facilities, and upgrade existing buildings. The division also plans to continuously increase the share of parcels shipped via greener transport modes such as rail and biogas-powered trucks. It also plans to expand its GoGreen product portfolio in 2022 with products that will allow customers to play an active role in CO2 avoidance in Germany.

For the roughly 6.5 billion letters handled by Deutsche Post's letter mail operations in 2020, this would translate into an offset of more than 300,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. For domestic advertising mail and press products, customers still have the option of ordering GoGreen as an additional service.

"Climate protection is a core focus issue for Deutsche Post,” said Ole Nordhoff, Chief Marketing Officer at Deutsche Post said in a statement. “Already today we have, by far, the largest fleet of electric delivery vans, electric-powered bicycles and cargo bikes providing the industry's most climate-friendly mail and parcel delivery service. And for years, our parcel customers have responded very positively to the climate-friendly shipping we have provided for all private-customer parcels. Now we are introducing this to our mail operations as well and making our entire mail transport greener. This also helps our business customers make their mail correspondence with end customers greener."


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