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Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 27, 2023

Connecting Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure to Commercial Buildings

Demand for EV charging at commercial buildings will significantly increase with wider mainstream EV adoption and as businesses return to more normal operations following COVID-19 pandemic disruptions. In the factsheet from Better Buildings and NREL, explore how EV chargers (EVC) can be connected to commercial buildings and the effects that charging will have on the building's electrical distribution system.

GHG Emissions  -  January 27, 2023

BMW Group Reduces CO2 Emissions Across Vehicle Fleet 

The BMW Group continued to reduce its emissions and based on preliminary internal calculations lowered its EU fleet-wide CO2 emissions by more than nine percent from 2021 to 2022.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 24, 2023

Lexus Offers Home, Public EV Charging Stations

Lexus is providing drivers of Lexus’ all electric RZ 450e crossover with access to ChargePoint’s home and public charging solutions.

Commercial  -  January 23, 2023

Decarbonizing Retail with Integrated Energy Solutions

While the immediate threat of the pandemic has passed and retailers continue their recovery, the industry remains under immense pressure as it refocuses on the challenges of decarbonizing activities in a sustainable way. In this white paper from Shell Energy, learn about the risks and opportunities on the path toward decarbonizing retail. 

Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 20, 2023

The U.S. National Blueprint for Transportation Decarbonization

This U.S. National Blueprint For Transportation Decarbonization offers a whole-of-government approach to transforming the transportation sector and sets forth an interagency call to action to coordinate and work effectively together.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 18, 2023

Replay Race to Net-Zero Episode 2: Outlining your journey: Houston's landmark Climate Action Plan

In this episode of the Race to Net-Zero, host John Failla sat down with the City of Houston’s Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer and NRG’s Director, Sustainability Advisory. They discussed the importance of the sustainability goal-setting process and programs Houston has implemented to achieve its ambitious public commitments.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 18, 2023

Manitoba’s Winnipeg Transit Adds Zero-Emission Buses 

Winnipeg Transit will purchase 16 battery-electric and fuel cell-electric transit buses to accelerate its transition to a 100% zero-emission fleet ahead of its 2050 target.

Solar  -  January 17, 2023

Houston Dynamo Will Add RE

The Houston Dynamo Football Club announced a naming rights agreement with Shell Energy that includes goals to pursue a variety of integrated energy and decarbonization solutions at the stadium.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 13, 2023

eBook: Electrifying Fleets for Dummies

Public and private fleet operators are switching to electric vehicle fleets to reduce costs, cut emissions, and lower their carbon footprint. Whatever type of fleet you operate, clean electric vehicles and smart EV charging solutions reduce operating costs over their lifetime. This helpful ebook from Enel X Way walks you through some need-to-know information that can help you get an electric fleet up and running.

GHG Emissions  -  January 10, 2023

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