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Energy Efficiency  -  October 8, 2021

How Energy Technology Reduces Consumption and Spend: Fleet Electrification

There is a growing consensus that the electrification of transportation is an important step in meeting aggressive GHG emissions reduction goals. This report from Constellation explores how the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey is transitioning its entire fleet of buses at JFK and Newark Airports from diesel to battery electric in order to reduce its carbon footprint by 2022.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  September 29, 2021

Sustainability Strategy: Two Ways to Decarbonize Natural Gas

Businesses that operate with natural gas and plan to achieve aggressive sustainability goals can still aim for full decarbonization or 100 percent renewable status. In this article, Constellation explains the options of offsetting gas usage through the purchase of carbon offsets or by switching to renewable natural gas (RNG) in order to reduce GHG emissions.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  September 27, 2021

Enel Fleet Electrification Case Study

From micromobility to heavy-duty fleets, the transition to electrify everything has begun. The Enel Group, a global utility and Fortune 100 company, seeks to achieve full decarbonization by 2050 and is in the midst of fully electrify its own fleet of 14,000 vehicles by 2030. Download Enel's case study for a first look at the results of their program, including a unique fleet solution.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  September 22, 2021

Distributed Energy Forum Wrap-Up

Continuing its 2021 slate of events, Smart Energy Decisions’ Virtual Distributed Energy Forum, was another success, connecting buyers and suppliers to accelerate the adoption of DERs, which are proving to be a key in the development of net zero strategies. SED’s tradition of exclusive presentations from senior energy and sustainability was on display once again.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  July 28, 2021 - By Danita Park, NRG

Becoming fluent in electric vehicle charging

While most of the 250 million registered vehicle owners have a mental framework based on the fossil refueling experience, nearly 2 million EV owners have learned a new language. In this column, Danita Park, Director, Commercial Development at NRG Energy, explains why becoming fluent in electric vehicle charging is not unlike learning a new way to speak and think.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  July 26, 2021

New eBook: Maximize EV Charging Savings

As more businesses, utilities and drivers start to make investments into EVs and EV charging, the return on investment with smart EV charging is increasingly becoming more lucrative. "How to Maximize EV Charging ROI," a new eBook from Enel X, provides tools for evaluating EV charging investments and highlights breaking down costs associated with EV charging, taking advantage of incentives to cut costs, and new savings opportunities with smart charging technology.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  July 19, 2021

Keynotes from General Mills, Port of Seattle, Stanford University to Lead the DE Forum

An outstanding roster of keynote speakers is set for Smart Energy Decisions’ Virtual Distributed Energy Forum, September 13-15 online at SED’s Virtual EventHub. These exclusive executive keynote sessions, buyer-only preconference roundtables, and one-to-one meetings between buyers and suppliers will bring industry leaders together to explore the theme, “DER’s Role in Your Sustainability Strategy”.

Microgrids  -  July 14, 2021

2020 Distributed Energy Forum Insights

Let's look forward to our 3rd annual Distributed Energy Forum, set for September 13-15, 2021 as a virtual event, by looking back at our 2020 DEForum to explore the content and ideas shared by our speakers and attendees.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  July 9, 2021

Are you ready to make full use of your facility’s flexible resources for demand response?

Demand response is an energy solution well-suited for many businesses. Getting paid to reduce energy consumption at key times makes for a compelling offer. Read this column from NRG Energy to find out how the story can be even better thanks to emerging technologies that make DR easier and more rewarding than ever.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  July 6, 2021

Fort Collins Utilities to Implement Distributed Energy Resources Tech

The City of Fort Collins, Colo., plans to reduce the energy use of its utilities through distributed energy resource technology deployed by Fort Collins Utilities.

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