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Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 30, 2022

Washington State’s New Bill of EVs by 2030

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed into law a bill setting a date of 2030 for all new cars registered in the state to be electric.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 28, 2022

Cincinnati Plans 100% Electrified Fleet by 2035

Cincinnati is implementing a new city policy that calls for purchasing only electric vehicles, when available, with the goal of having a 100% electrified fleet by 2035.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 28, 2022

bp to Invest in UK EV Charging Infrastructure

bp announced plans to invest £1 billion in electric vehicle charging in the UK through bp pulse, bp’s EV charging business.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 25, 2022

Antelope Valley Transit Authority Adds Electric Buses

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (ATVA) now has a 100% zero emission fleet with the addition of 24 MCI Coaches.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 24, 2022

Stellantis Invests in Lithium-Ion Battery Plant

Stellantis N.V. and LG Energy Solution (LGES) announced they have executed definitive agreements to establish the first large-scale, domestic, EV battery manufacturing facility in Canada.

March 23, 2022 - By Vic Shao, AMPLY Power

Navigating the Electric Charging Infrastructure Landscape for EV Fleets

The electrification of large-scale fleets is an important solution to reduce carbon emissions, as on-road transportation is the largest single contributor to GHG emissions. In this column from Vic Shao, CEO of Amply Power, explains how Innovative and economical EV solutions can help accelerate the transition to fleet electrification.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 23, 2022

California Energy Commission Supports Rideshare Electrification

The California Energy Commission (CEC) gave two Charging Access for Reliable On-Demand Transportation Services (CARTS) grants to EVgo Inc. to support its partnership with Uber.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 18, 2022

Picnic Delivers with EVs

Picnic, an online-only supermarket present in 200 cities across the Netherlands, Germany, and France, is using EVs for deliveries.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  March 18, 2022

Volvo Cars Adds EV Charging at Starbucks Stores

Volvo Car USA and Starbucks are collaborating to establish the first public EV charging network at the coffee company’s U.S. stores beginning this summer.

GHG Emissions  -  March 18, 2022

California Universities Seek Approval for Pilot to Lower GHG Emissions

California universities could lower their GHG emissions by participating in a pilot program with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).
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