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Commercial, Solar, Sourcing Renewables  -  February 22, 2024

Cisco Signs Solar PPA

Cisco signed a 15-year agreement to purchase approximately 60,000 MWh of solar energy annually.

The solar energy will be provided by Spanish renewable energy provider IGNIS, and the PPA will add new renewable energy to the Spanish public grid.

The commitment from Cisco enabled IGNIS to build a new solar plant in the “España Vaciada,” or “empty Spain,” region of Teruel (Aragón). The plant is predicted to provide enough solar energy to match 100% of annual electricity needs for Cisco’s European operations for the next 15 years.

Over the past few years Cisco executed numerous long-term renewable energy  contracts, such as power purchase agreements (PPAs), located near its facilities.  

The solar plant is expected to be fully operational in March 2024 and will have an eventual planned production volume of around 80,000 MWh with 60,000 MWh allocated to Cisco. This solar power is in addition to a portfolio of more than 6 GW of operational assets already managed by IGNIS.

In its fiscal year 2023, Cisco consumed over 1.3 million MWh of renewable electricity, making up 91% of its total global electricity demand.

“Our purpose is to power an inclusive future for all, and this agreement is an important moment in our journey to net zero, continuing our transition away from fossil fuels and towards a regenerative future. Long-term agreements like this project enable Cisco to not only reduce our own emissions, but to help increase the renewable capacity available overall. It also reinforces Cisco’s commitment to Spain’s digital transformation and the government’s agenda towards clean energy, being the most impactful multi-year energy contract for Cisco in Europe,” said Mary de Wysocki, Cisco Chief Sustainability Officer in, a statement.

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