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Demand Management  -  February 2, 2022 - By NRG Editorial Voices

Energy is complex — the right partner can bring simplicity and value

Like most products, getting the best value from your electricity approach involves more than a low price. In an age of more frequent and severe weather events, grid capacity concerns, and energy price volatility, an all-encompassing strategy from a knowledgeable energy partner is vital. This blog from NRG Energy explains how.

GHG Emissions  -  January 19, 2022

Supporting Your Energy Journey

The need to decarbonize has become a priority for organizations around the world. While some businesses have already set targets to lower their carbon footprint and become more sustainable, others have yet to begin this journey. In this white paper, Shell Energy charts the path to decarbonization solutions.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  January 12, 2022

State of Distributed Energy Resources Study 2021

Results of the 2021 State of Distributed Energy Resources Study, conducted by Smart Energy Decisions in partnership with NRG Energy, show that interest and implementation of DERs continues to grow due to their proliferating benefits, from cost savings and increased resilience to emissions tracking and reductions.

GHG Emissions  -  November 3, 2021

A New Age of Demand-Side Energy Management: Data Centers

Data centers have a unique opportunity at this pivotal moment in energy’s history, as their energy assets could have the potential to help the grid as it transitions to a more sustainable future. This e-Book from CPower will explore and explain the specific ways demand-side energy management can and should become an integral component of any data center’s infrastructure management strategy.

Demand Management  -  June 16, 2021

The State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America

CPower’s indispensable analysis of US energy markets is back. The third volume of CPower’s State of Demand-Side Energy Management in North America is the biggest and most insightful yet in this annual series dedicated to breaking down the most important issues, trends, and regulations that affect the country’s deregulated energy markets. In addition to market-by-market analyses, this year’s edition features a series of essays on the grid’s transition and how demand-side energy management will play a key role in helping the grid evolve toward a cleaner, more dependable future. Download your FREE copy today and see why energy professionals nationwide consider this book required reading!

Demand Management  -  May 14, 2021

Smart Energy Voices Podcast - Episode 34: Decarbonizing with Integrated Energy Management

In this important episode of Smart Energy Voices, host John Failla speaks with Scott Hart, Vice President and General Manager of NRG Business - Texas to discuss how integrated energy supply and demand management strategies, including the deployment of DERs, can effectively help large power users achieve their decarbonization goals. NRG has been actively involved in working with customers on integrated energy management programs. You’ll learn a lot from this timely conversation.

Demand Management  -  February 12, 2021

Demand-Side Energy Management in the Time of COVID

CPower’s latest ebook takes a peek into eight of the biggest commercial industries in North America and reveals key energy management strategies successful organizations executed during the wildest year of the young century. This book also breaks down the demand response and demand management programs available in five of the nation’s open energy markets as well as those offered by several of the largest electric utilities in U.S. deregulated markets. "Demand-Side Energy Management in the Time of COVID" is a must-have resource for any commercial and industrial organization striving to optimize its energy use and spend in 2021. Download your electronic copy today!

Demand Management  -  October 16, 2020

DOE grants $65M for energy-efficient building program

The U.S. Department of Energy announced Oct. 13 up to $65 million for its Connected Communities funding opportunity that would allow commercial and residential buildings to leverage the latest technology in energy-efficient building design and management.

Solar  -  October 14, 2020

Austin Central Library saves $100K by optimizing solar installation

Austin Central Library announced Oct. 14 that it saved more than $100,000 in annual energy costs, in part through the implementation of energy management technology that resulted in 30% higher utilization of a 157 MWh solar array in Downtown Austin.

Energy Efficiency  -  October 12, 2020

Beyond the Meter Podcast - Episode 11: Evolving Energy Strategies In Higher Ed - What's Next?

Institutes of higher education are large consumers of energy. From the lights and heat that are needed to keep students and faculty comfortable enough to learn effectively, to the equipment, technology, and staff required to keep things running, the expense is enormous. In this episode of Beyond the Meter, three guests from the realm of higher education join John for a frank conversation about the overall challenges faced by institutions of higher learning when it comes to renewable energy.
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