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GHG Emissions | Page 204

GHG Emissions  -  February 2, 2021

Cubic Corporation cut carbon intensity by 17% in 2020

Cubic Corporations announced Jan. 27 that in 2020 it reduced its CO2 intensity by 17% and reduced its Scope 2 emissions, the focus of its emissions tracking, by 18%.

GHG Emissions  -  February 1, 2021

Cleveland-Cliffs to reduce GHG emissions by 25% by 2030

Flat-rolled steel producer Cleveland-Cliffs announced on Jan. 29 that it has set a target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 25% by 2030. This goal represents combined Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect) greenhouse gas emission reductions.

GHG Emissions  -  January 30, 2021

Weekend reads: BlackRock CEO urges corporate focus on ESG; Decarbonizing Europe's buildings

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web.

GHG Emissions  -  January 29, 2021

General Motors plans for carbon neutrality by 2040

GM announced on Jan. 28 that it plans to become carbon neutral in its global products and operations by 2035, eliminating tailpipe emissions from new light-duty vehicles by 2040. To reach its goals, GM has committed to science-based targets, signed the Business Ambition Pledge for 1.5⁰C, and plans to source renewable energy and leverage minimal offsets or credits.

GHG Emissions  -  January 28, 2021

New Jersey expands EV charging

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities announced on Jan. 27 that it approved a settlement to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the state. Cars, trucks and buses are the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in New Jersey.

Solar  -  January 28, 2021

Solar array covers 100% of the University of Richmond's power needs

The University of Richmond (UR) announced on Jan. 27 that its new Spider Solar project is online. This makes UR one of only two higher education institutions in the U.S., and the first in the Southeast, to match 100% of its electricity needs with a single solar power source. 

Solar  -  January 28, 2021

CyrusOne powers Texas data centers with renewables

CyrusOne, a global data center real estate investment trust, announced on Jan. 26 that the company will purchase renewable energy to power two of its data centers in Texas.

Regulation  -  January 27, 2021

Biden signs executive actions on climate change

President Biden signed a series of executive orders on January 27 to establish climate change as a foreign policy and national security priority and to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies in favor of clean energy technologies.

GHG Emissions  -  January 27, 2021

Scotch Whisky commits to reaching net-zero emissions by 2040

The Scotch Whisky industry announced on Jan. 25 that it launched a new sustainability strategy in an effort to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of Scotland’s national drink.

Solar  -  January 26, 2021

Celanese extends PPA to include solar energy

Celanese Corporation, a global chemical and specialty materials company, announced on Jan. 26 that it has extended a contract to incorporate a solar power component into the electricity supply mix for its acetyl intermediates chemical manufacturing facility.

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