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December 19, 2020

Weekend reads: 2020's best climate wins; The racial divide in electric vehicle charging in Chicago

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web.

Solar  -  December 12, 2020

Weekend reads: A look at solar power's success in 2020; The EU's biggest oil producer looks to cease its main product

It's the weekend! Kick back and catch up with these must-read articles from around the web.

Finance  -  November 30, 2020

Canadian survey finds increased focus on green financing

A new survey conducted in Canada found that 98% of issuers and investors are already factoring sustainable investing into their financial activities.

November 16, 2020

Beyond the Meter Podcast - Episode 13: ESG Investing & Innovative Financing Models

Environmental, Social, and Governance factors (ESG's) refer to a set of standards that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. ESG's are increasing in importance and many companies are looking to ESGs to guide sustainability decisions and to prove their sustainability commitment to customers and stakeholders. Join us for this episode of Beyond the Meter as Cari Boyce, Katherine Neebe, and Doug Esamann join host John Failla to discuss the steps Duke Energy has taken and continues to take in the adoption and implementation of ESGs in moving toward its sustainability goals.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  November 6, 2020

Smart Energy Voices Podcast - Episode 14: COVID-19's Impact on Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources

How do you quantify the value of a microgrid, which is essentially an insurance policy? You're ensuring that your facility doesn't go down or have an outage. How much is an outage really worth and how do you value that? In this age of Covid-19, the pressure to fulfill commitments still remains high. Investor pressure remains high. Project goals remain in place. But the financing is no longer available. What should customers be looking at and exploring in the interest of managing this dilemma? Listen to this episode of Smart Energy Voices to hear how Matthew Walters, Head of Distributed Energy Systems, Americas at SIEMENS tackles it from a holistic approach.

Energy Efficiency  -  November 4, 2020

South Carolina school district to save $28M through energy upgrades

Richland County School District in South Carolina announced Oct. 30 that it will be using an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) for efficiency upgrades that will save the district more than $28 million in energy costs over 20 years.

Energy Efficiency  -  November 4, 2020

Alberta companies to fund energy projects with government program

Small- and medium-sized commercial and industrial facilities in Alberta, Canada, will soon have the opportunity to take advantage of a $55 million fund from the government for energy efficiency upgrades.

Energy Efficiency  -  November 2, 2020

U of BC receives $974K in funding for heat waste recovery project

The University of British Columbia received additional funding from the Canadian government for the progression of an energy efficiency initiative that is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by 14,600 tons.

Solar  -  October 29, 2020

Colorado State University signs on 10 MW of onsite solar

Colorado State University (CSU) announced Oct. 28 up to 10 MW of new solar installations that could more than double the campus' already installed 6.8 MW of onsite solar.

Finance  -  October 28, 2020

California CCAs plan $65M investment into EV infrastructure

The State of California will be receiving $65 million in contributions for the expansion of its electric vehicle infrastructure in the state.
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