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Energy Storage  -  May 27, 2022

Chevron Launches Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Chevron U.S.A. Inc., through its Chevron New Energies division, announced the launch of a carbon capture and storage (CCS) project aimed at reducing the carbon intensity of its operations in San Joaquin Valley, California.

GHG Emissions  -  May 27, 2022

Net Zero Petrochemicals Needs Billions in Investment 

Altering the production of petrochemicals to omit carbon emissions requires investing an extra $759 billion by 2050, according to a new report from research firm BloombergNEF (BNEF).

GHG Emissions  -  May 26, 2022

Alphabet, Microsoft Commit to C02 Removal

First Movers Coalition members Alphabet, Microsoft and Salesforce collectively committed $500 million to carbon dioxide removal (CDR) at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2022 in Davos.

GHG Emissions  -  May 25, 2022

Nouryon Updates Emission Progress

Nouryon set a new 2030 target to reduce operational GHG emissions by 40% and confirmed its existing 2030 targets to reduce water consumption intensity by 10% and total waste intensity by 10%.

Sourcing Renewables  -  May 24, 2022

Pittsburgh Airport Uses Alternative Fuel

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) officials will use natural gas produced at the airport and converted into alternative fuel.

GHG Emissions  -  May 24, 2022

Polestar Lowers Emissions By 6% For Each Car

Polestar reduced GHG emissions per car sold by 6% through its focus on increased efficiency and use of renewable energy in 2021.

Distributed Energy Resources  -  May 24, 2022

Hyundai Invests $10B in U.S., EV Battery Plant

Hyundai Motor Group (HMG), reaffirmed its commitment to expanding investment in the U.S. with plans to spend over USD $10 billion to accelerate innovation and mobility electrification.

GHG Emissions  -  May 23, 2022

BIC Sets Emission Reduction Targets

BIC accelerated its commitment to limit global warming while making GHG emissions reduction a key component of the company’s long-term strategy.

GHG Emissions  -  May 23, 2022

Saint-Gobain Makes Zero Carbon Flat Glass

Saint-Gobain achieved zero carbon production of flat glass and was achieved by using 100% recycled glass (cullet) and 100% green energy, produced from biogas and decarbonized electricity.

May 19, 2022

ADM to Capture CO2 Emissions

Nutrition company ADM signed an agreement with Tallgrass to capture carbon dioxide (CO2) from ADM's corn-processing complex in Columbus, Neb., and transport it to Tallgrass’ Eastern Wyoming Sequestration Hub for permanent underground storage.

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