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March 30, 2018

Infographic: Walmart's Project Gigaton in China

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 3/29/2018
Source: Walmart

Walmart is bringing Project Gigaton to China. With the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions across its China value chain by 50 million metric tons by 2030, the company expects to enroll all of its export and domestic suppliers in China into this emissions reduction program

Energy Efficiency  -  March 28, 2018

Infographic & Video: Data Driven—Advancing a sustainable future

Type: Article
Date Published: 3/28/2018
Source: 3M
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

The amount of data created doubles every two years, with approximately 2% of the U.S.’s electrical energy going to data centers—more energy than most states use. This rapid growth is creating an expanding energy efficiency gap.

Energy Storage  -  March 21, 2018

Infographic: UPS powering operations of the future

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 3/21/2018
Source: UPS
Primary Topic: Energy Storage

UPS announced on Mar. 19 that, as part of a consortium, they have deployed a new charging technology in London that overcomes the challenge of simultaneously recharging an entire fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) without the need for the expensive upgrade

Energy Efficiency  -  March 16, 2018

IKEA Sustainability Summary Report

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 3/13/2018
Source: IKEA
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

IKEA has released their Sustainability Report for fiscal 2017, highlighting their journey to becoming "People & Planet Positive." The report focuses on how IKEA works to increase resource efficiency, generate and use renewable energy,

Solar  -  March 12, 2018

Infographic: Fifth Third Bank PPA

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 3/12/2018
Source: Fifth Third Bank
Primary Topic: Solar

Fifth Third Bancorp has become the first Fortune 500 company and the first bank to sign a PPA to reach 100% RE with a single project. Fifth Third also becomes the first publicly-traded company to commit to purchase 100 percent renewable energy

Demand Management  -  March 9, 2018

A Model for Sustainability Success: The Ohio State University’s Integrated Energy Solution

Type: Case Study
Date Published: 3/9/2018
Source: ENGIE North America
Primary Topic: Demand Management

This case study, presented by ENGIE North America, tracks the progress made by Ohio State University to strengthen its position as an international pioneer in sustainability.

Finance  -  March 8, 2018

Innovation Summit Presentation: Energy-as-a-Service

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 2/28/2018
Source: EnerNOC, an Enel Group Company
Primary Topic: Finance

Smart Energy Decisions' 2018 Innovation Summit featured presentations addressing the theme of "The Future of Energy Management." Here is the next in a series of these presentations, "Energy-as-a-Service: A new way forward or latest industry buzzword?"

March 5, 2018

Innovation Summit Presentation: Going net zero - Kingspan's global strategy

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 2/27/2018
Source: Kingspan

Smart Energy Decision's 2018 Innovation Summit featured presentations addressing the theme of "The Future of Energy Management." Here is the first in a series of these presentations, "Going net zero - Kingspan's global strategy,"

Demand Management  -  February 23, 2018

Webinar: Changing the Energy Management Landscape of Commercial Real Estate

Type: Webinar
Date Published: 2/23/2018
Source: CPower
Primary Topic: Demand Management

This webinar, sponsored by CPower, starts with the idea that managing energy demand for commercial real estate properties is a blend of art and science. The science has changed dramatically in the last 10 years, resulting in a dramatically expanding

Energy Efficiency  -  February 16, 2018

Infographic: Heineken Drops the C

Type: Presentation
Date Published: 2/16/2018
Author: By Heineken
Source: Heineken
Primary Topic: Energy Efficiency

Heineken announced on Feb. 12 its "Drop the C" program, aimed at increasing its share of renewable energy from the current level of 14% to 70% by 2030. The company also reported reaching its 2020 emission targets in production in 2017

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